The Foundation

With alpine origins and a pioneering legacy since its founding in 1851, Bally’s commitment to sustainability is a transversal mission based on the belief that collective action can drive change. The Bally Peak Outlook Foundation, established in 2020, has the mission to safeguard the world's fragile mountain habitats from the adverse effects of global warming and excessive tourism.

Our Commitment

Over the past three years, the Foundation’s alpine preservation programs, led by climate activist and mountaineer Dawa Steven Sherpa, have successfully removed 8.4 tons of waste from the Everest. Today, the recent rise in popularity of mountaineering has taken a toll on the mountain and its surrounding communities, accelerated by climate change and the rapid melting of Everest’s Khumbu glacier, risking the livelihoods of thousands of Sherpa people who live and work in this fragile ecosystem.

The Capsule

To celebrate the 70-year anniversary of summiting Everest, Bally launches a limited-edition crewneck sweater inspired by in only 70 individually numbered pieces. Made in ivory tones with memorabilia-style recalling elements of Himalayan flags, this unique design piece is made of GOTS-certified, ethically-sourced organic cotton.

100% of net proceeds are benefiting the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation

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